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Combination Mixer

Conical Screw Ribbon Blender : RAJ Conical Screw Ribbon Blender consists of conical vessel containing two different types of blades one is helical ribbon type and other is helical screw mounted on a central shaft. It is for mixing and lifting or discharging the material. The blades are designed to rotate independently, same direction or counter-rotate.



  • The Conical Screw Ribbon Blender can be operated under full vacuum.
  • Heating / cooling arrangement can be provided.
  • Liquid addition provision
  • Models with single helix or double helix can be provided.
  • Capacities up from 20 to 20,000 Liters can be provided.

    RAJ Conical Screw Ribbon Blender can be used as a premixer in a continuous process line. If you are having bridging problems with multi-density materials, the Conical Screw Ribbon Blender will usually resolve these issues.

Paddle Mixer With Ribbon Blade Arrangement:In paddle mixer the tumbling style action suits many products and flights are often included in the design to ensure a free flow of product both during processing and discharge.


Single shaft ribbon and paddle mixersThese kinds of mixers are used for applications which require light blending, for flash dryers where easy back-mixing is required and for soothing fluctuating feeder outputs. Simple ribbon mixers allow a degree of back spillage that causes light mixing and axial diffusion of the material. The blades can be cut and folded, or pegs fitted, to give extra disturbance to the contents but only for relatively free flowing bulk materials. Paddles may be of quadrant shaped or ribbon shaped and sometimes sharpened to separate the bulk easier and reduce build-up on the ribs.

Twin shaft ribbon and paddle mixers Twin overlapping blades brings the material into a compression at the centre of the casing. This small region allows relatively high shear loads to develop at high cross sectional loading of the machine as the submerged blades converge within the mass. Ribbon type blades allow product to be articulated and initiate a degree of back mixing in the machine. Blades are specified to deal with sticky or cohesive products that would otherwise tend to stick on shafts and paddles. Flatter blades are fitted for more agitation and finer settings for dealing with difficult flow materials.


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